Human Resources (employees) impact every single part of a company’s P&L, with small HR improvements offering dramatically increased profits, and small HR mistakes capable of devastating the bottom line.

Identify your Business Objectives, and Ahead Human Resources will show you how HR will help you achieve them.

fa-check Increase Revenue
fa-check Protect Revenue
fa-check Expense Management
fa-check Cost Containment
fa-check Cost Avoidance – Lawsuits
fa-check Cost Avoidance-Fines
fa-check Business Productivity
fa-check Human Resources Expense Management
fa-check Leveraging Human Resources Time
fa-check Business & Asset Protection
fa-check Long Term Human Resource Cost Containment
fa-check Turnover Reduction
fa-check Talent Attraction
fa-check Employee Productivity
fa-check Recruiting
fa-check Hiring
fa-check Compensation
fa-check Employee Benefits
fa-check Payroll/Tax Administration
fa-check Performance Management
fa-check Workplace Liability Management
fa-check Workplace Safety/Workers Comp
fa-check Other Employment Compliance
fa-check Record Keeping/HRIS Technology
fa-check Separation
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Determine the tactics that leverage results in 5 key P&L impact areas.

Start Maximizing Your Profits!
This presentation made me realize just how important HR is. And I need to get a person in place that has the expertise to do this, because the current person doing HR is just clerical.

CEO/President - 125 employee landscape firm
As a private, for-profit company, I can definitely see how this approach/program offers another way to help increase profits. It’s an area that’s probably not commonly looked at.

President - 198 employee machine manufacturer

Wow! I never looked at HR this way. I will definitely do some things differently. I just need to think this through a bit to decide which things to do. No one on my management team fully understands both sides of the P&L. It’s up to me to guide them and/or make the decisions that involve both sides. This presentation shows both.

CEO/President - 25 employee wholesaler of commercial fire alarm supplies